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Water Saving Tips From A Plumber In Cebu

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Saving Water in Your Cebu Kitchen

The Kettle:
• A good habit is only filling the kettle only as much as you need. Heating a small amount of water will also go towards saving you money on the electricity bill.
Bowls & Plugs:
• Always use a plug in the sink & in a bowl instead of just running the tap. This will save you more than a litre of water every 10 to 12 seconds. This is extremely useful to when you are peeling vegetables or indeed doing the washing up – you can then also use the water in order to rinse out your empty cans for if you recycle.
• When it takes a rather long time for your water in the hot tap to heat due to your plumbing, a good idea doesn’t let the water go to waste, save it in a bowl and maybe water the garden with it.

Washing machines and dishwashers:
• According to our plumber in Cebu the average washing machine uses more than 50 litres of water each wash cycle. Why not wait until you have a full load before this  way you will save both on water and electricity.
• A dishwasher on average uses 40 litres of water per wash so yet again, use it only when you have a full load.

More handy tips:
• Why not cook your vegetables using a steamer. It will save water and also be much healthier for you.
• Remember to keep a jug of drinking water in the fridge. If you do then you won’t need to run the tap for a long time for a cool drink!
• Don’t overdo your detergents; you will waste money and it uses allot more energy
If you need any more information on saving water why not contact your local  Cebu Plumber 

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